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  • This month's Heart to Heart: Parent Conversations discusses talking about Jesus with kids.Cast: WELS

  • WELS World missionaries have spent years preaching and teaching in Russia…and now they are helping to prepare a new group to assist in outreach. The WELS Missions initiative called "Daylight in Russia," encourages WELS members to serve in Russia as English teachers while working with the national churches there.Cast: WELS

  • Jason Schmidt (semi-regular classroom technology correspondent) joins Sallie for the next segment of the "Back To School" series and talk about "the fun stuff." He'll be joining the WELSTech team "in person" this summer at the WELSTech Conference. The signup deadline has been extended until June 15. Join the conversation at welstech.wels.net. WELSTech is a podcast about how technology can be used to aid the work of the church.Cast: WELSTags: art, education, technology and classroom

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