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Our Pastor
We have one called pastor at our church. His name is Timothy Winkel, and he has served here since August, 2007. He and his wife, Dori, have been blessed with three children, all married and living in three different states. He received his degree in 1982 from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI, the only pastor seminary of the WELS. He has served previously at congregations in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado.

A message from the Pastor

We live in a world filled with turmoil. As we read the news or watch TV, we hear about unrest in the world and the threat of bloodshed. We have troubles in our country and morals are at a new low. We need a Savior.

As we look at our lives, we see stress and trouble. Maybe we have earthly success, but it isn’t as wonderful as we had hoped. Perhaps there is a lack of purpose in our lives. We need a Savior.

We all struggle with the effects of sin. Maybe your struggle is in family relationships. Maybe your struggle is job related. Maybe your conscience aches from some glaring mistakes. We need a Savior.

At Grace Lutheran Church, we look to that Savior for forgiveness and peace. Only Jesus can give the comfort that brings joy to life. Through the Word of God that you’ll receive at our church, you’ll find Jesus and his help.

In my eight years of training for the ministry, the Word of God in its original languages was the main subject. We were taught to apply the Word to people’s lives in sermons and in personal counseling.

In more than twenty-five years as a Lutheran pastor, I’ve made thousands of visits with people at home & in the hospital. I have helped hundreds of hurting people with counseling from the Word of God.

Pastor Timothy & Dori WinkelMy wife Dori has a degree in elementary education and continues to substitute teach in Muskegon County Schools. We are Christian parents to three fine children.

I wanted you to know a little bit about us. But above all, I want you to know Jesus as your Savior. I want you to see him as the solution to all life’s problems. The purpose of our church is to help people like you to see Jesus as our Shepherd and Savior.

God’s blessings to you!
Pastor Timothy J. Winkel


Questions & Answers

  • Your question was answered on April 12, 2017. Answers to questions are emailed to the questioners via the email address provided. (You want to check all your email folders for the response.) Answers to questions are also posted on the web site. Here is the answer that was emailed and posted this past April: “The holy angels are those angels who did not join in with Satan and other angels in rebelling against God (2 Peter 2:4). The holy angels are ‘ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation’ (Hebrews 1:14). The holy angels carry out God’s command ‘to guard you in all your ways’ (Psalm 91:11). The ‘holy angel’ in Martin Luther’s prayers references any of the heavenly host whom God might choose to use to carry out his good and gracious will in our lives. Might God use a single angel on occasion? Yes. Might he use more than one angel on occasion? Yes. “The Bible does not state specifically that God has assigned a guardian angel to each Christian. While it would be comforting to know that God has matched one angel to us for life-time service and protection, it is even more comforting to know that God employs angels—plural—in his providential care of each Christian. “God’s gracious use of angels in our lives provides another reason for praising God. ‘Lord God, to you we all give praise; To you our joyful hymns we raise That angel hosts you did create Around your glorious throne to wait. But watchful is the angel band That follows Christ on ev’ry hand To guard his people where they go And break the counsel of the foe. O Lord, awaken songs of praise For angel hosts that guard our days; Teach us to serve you and adore As angels do forevermore.’” (Christian Worship 196:1, 5-6)

  • Those are questions that you need to address to your pastor. I don’t know the struggles and circumstances of your spouse. I don’t know what treatment he is receiving and what his attitude is toward alcoholism. For these and other reasons, I encourage you to speak to your pastor. I pray that God blesses your home with Christian love and peace.